The Inspection Division’s core mandate is to:

  • inspect primary and secondary schools across Jamaica;
  • report on the findings of the inspections and make recommendations to schools and other stakeholders;
  • publish inspection reports; and 
  • provide the Chief Inspector with information to inform policy advice.

The Division has three Units:

  • Quality Assurance Unit:
    This Unit is responsible for the quality assurance of inspection reports to ensure that they meet the requisite standards of the organisation.
  • Professional Development Unit:
    This Unit is responsible for ensuring that a well-trained cadre of inspectors are available for deployment, as well as the performance management of all inspectors. Also, through various collaborations with schools, the Department of School Services (DSS) and other entities, the Unit supports various capacity-building initiatives.
  • Special Education and Monitoring Unit: 
    This Unit is responsible for managing the inspection of Special Education schools, as well as directing and coordinating an on-going programme of monitoring to ensure that schools implement post-inspection improvement plans.


Dr. Cheryl A. McLaughlin is the Deputy Chief Inspector at the National Education Inspectorate (NEI) with responsibilities for leading and managing the inspection of all public primary and secondary schools in Jamaica. She has spent over fifteen years overseas working in tertiary and post-secondary education systems where she gained valuable experience in curriculum development, instruction, and educational research.  Her research has informed several conference presentations and peer-reviewed publications primarily in the area of STEM education, and teacher development in professional learning communities. Dr. McLaughlin received a Masters of Education at the St John’s University in New York and a Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Florida. Her international experience brings fresh perspectives to the education system and further enhances the NEI’s efforts at school improvement. 



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