Education Ministry Reports Overall Improvements In GSAT Results

Posted on 6/6/2018

The Education Ministry is reporting that there were improvements in the scores in four of the five areas that were tested in the March 2018 sitting of the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) compared with last year.

It was the final sitting of the 19-year-old test, which will be replaced by the Primary Exit Profile next year.

Average rates of improvement GSAT 2018 over 2017
Language Arts - 1 per cent
Communications Task - 5.5 per cent 
Science - 7.9 per cent
Social Studies - 1.6 per cent

Average rate of decline GSAT 2018 over 2017
Manchester - 1.2 per cent

GSAT cohort
39,510 students 
19,295 boys
20,215 girls

Education Minister Ruel Reid reported Tuesday that 759 students (384 males and 375 females) were absent from varying components of the examination.

Reid further explained that for the first time, the ministry will place 100 per cent of the students in seven year high schools.


Education Minister Ruel Reid

He said this was possible as a result of the provision of additional classrooms to a numbers of schools and the upgrading to full seven-year high schools of Nain Primary, New Forrest and Aberdeen Primary and Junior High School and also Perth Town Academy.

Reid said 110 students were also placed in Stony Hill Primary and Junior High which is being converted to a high school and Mico Practising which continues to be a "school of choice".

“Notwithstanding the full placement in seven year high schools, the ministry is still cognisant of the fact that there are still 21 high schools on shift and is taking steps to commence the process for the 17 high schools starting with the first five in Manchester, Clarendon, St Ann and St James,” Reid said.

Source: Jamaica Gleaner 

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