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Dramatic Improvement At Christiana Moravian Primary And Infant

Posted on 10/2/2017
Forty-two percentage points improvement in numeracy is dramatic, even if it is achieved during a five-year period - 2012-2106. This is what the efforts of the teachers at the Christiana Moravian Primary and Infant School have produced in the Grade Four Numeracy Test. In addition, the school has achieved 24 percentage points improvement in the Grade Four Literacy Test for the same period.
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Montego Bay Community College in Safe Hands

Posted on 10/5/2016

A distinguished educator for more than 40 years, Dr. Maureen Nelson sees her appointment as Acting Principal, Montego Bay Community College, as the crowning achievement for moulding the lives of thousands of students.

Acting Principal
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Dr. Maureen Nelson
Montego Bay Community College
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