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$100 million
$2 million
$233 million
$3 million in scholarships
$30 million
$30-million scholarship grant
$430 million
$800 million
‘Break the Silence’ campaign
‘Enhancing Outcomes for Trainers of Adult Learners’ Project
‘Enough is Enough’
‘Interactive Design and Game Development
‘Ramps in Schools’ programme
‘Reframing the History of Political Thought'
‘Students Engaging the CSME Through Field Promotion’
‘U-Touch II'
‘Zero-to-Three’ initiative
“Brexit: Implications for the Caribbean” symposium
000 girls
000 high-school students
000 students
000 students in 6 primary
000 teachers
10 computers
10 Open Campuses islandwide
10 Scholarships
100 children
100 Technical Vocational Education scholarships
100 youth clubs to be launched
10000 spaces
10000 unattached young people
107 scholarships
10th grade student
12 schools to be removed
120 tertiary-level students
13 exchange tours
132 students
14 Teachers Awarded
15 Automated External Defibrillators
15 ICON Scholarship awardees
15 per cent increase
153 non-academic staff members
16 students from non-traditional high schools
160th Anniversary
196 primary schools
2 laptop computers
2 tertiary-level scholarships
20 cuban teachers
20 secondary-school students
200 Mathematics Education scholarships
200 scholarships
200 Science Education scholarships
2004 Task Force on Educational Reform Report
2015 Entrepreneurship and Community Development Manager and Fellows Awardee
2015 Manager of the Year and Fellows Awardee
2015 Rich Ambassador
2015/2016 Art and Craft in Schools Competition
2016 CSEC High achiever
2016 Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) awards ceremony
2016 graduation ceremony
2016 Legacy Scholarship Awardee
2016 recipient of the Albert ‘Bertie’ Morris Scholarship
2016 scholarship awards
2016 staging
2016 VYBZING Jamaica Animated Music Video Challenge
2016 Youth Academic Achievement Award
2016/17 academic year
2016/17 Sectoral Debate
2016/2017 academic year
2016-17 academic year
2017/18 Budget
2017/18 fiscal year
2017-18 Estimates of Expenditure
2018 sectoral debate
2019/2020 academic year
2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
212 educators honoured
230 student-teachers
24 early-childhood and primary institution
24-year-old freelance visual artist
28th Nursing and Midwifery Research Conference
2yr extension for needy students
3 UTech Students
300 tertiary students
32 kindergarten students
34 centres islandwide
37 yrs of service to education
389 in education grants
40 Educators to be awarded
40 Laptop computers
400 persons
4th and 6th form students
50 mathematics coaches
500 back to school supplies
500 primary and secondary institutions
500 scholarships
53 institutions
54 high-school bursaries
54 VMBS scholarships
5K Run for Special Needs
60th World Assembly
6th place
70 training institutions
72 per 1
72 students
72 Wolmer’s Boys
75 students and teachers
761 academic
7-Year Education for Needy Students
80 preschool and grade-six children
9 Schools in Darliston
941 children
Aabuthnott Gallimore High School
Abilities Foundation
Absorptive Capacity Programme
Academic Accelerated Programme
Academic Performance
academic scholarship
academic year 2016-2017
access to education
Access to Information
Access to Information Unit
accountability in schools
Acting Manager
Acting President of UTech
Acting Principal
Acting Principal-Mervis Blackwood
addition of new classrooms
Administrator General’s Department
Administrator- NCBF Scholarship
adolescent pregnancy
Adopt a School Programme
Adrianna Allen
Adult Education
adult education and lifelong learning
adult literacy
adult literacy- 87%
Advancing Caribbean Development
Age Quod Agis
Agricultural Science
agricultural/agri business-based
Agriculture and Fisheries
Akalia Jarrett
Albert Town High School
alcoa foundation
Alicia Robinson
Alternative Pathway for Secondary Level Education
Alternative Pathways
Alternative Pathways to Secondary Education
Alternative Secondary Transition Education Programme
amaica’s Ambassador to the United States
American-based foundation
Ananda Alert System
Anchovy High School
and Mathematics
and Safety and Security
André Miller
Andre Christie
Android Financial Education Competition
Animation and Game Design
Animation lecturer
Annual Education Conference
Annual General Meeting
anti-tobacco forum
Antonio Melo
applications now open
Apprenticeship programme
April 2015 to March 2016
april 29
AQuA Foundation
Ardenne High School
Arianna Stephenson
Ascot High School
ascot primary
Ashamarc Miller
aspiring principals' programme
Assistant Registrar
Assistant Superintendent of Police
Associate Degree in Animation
Associate Degree in Occupational Studies
Associate professor of history
ATI Unit’s National High School Essay Competition
ational College for Educational Leadership
autistic students
auxiliary fees
Awards Ceremony
B.B. Coke High School
Bachelor of Science
Back to School 2017
Back to School Conference
back-to-school conference
back-to-school preparations
back-to-school press conference
back-to-school supplies
Bahcesehir University in Istanbul
banish shift system
Barrymore Anthony Bogues
Basic Needs Trust Fund
basic school rationalisation
BAU Global Network
BAU International University
BAU University Board member
Be Social…Be Smart
be supportive
Beeston Spring
behaviour change
Behaviour Management
Belinda Williams
Benefits for Non-Academic Staff
Bethany Primary School
Better Communities
Beverley Gallimore-Vernon
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Birmingham University
Black River
black river high school
Black River Preparatory School
Black River Primary School
Board Chairman- Maxfield Park Primary
Bog Walk High School
book rental programme
Bounty Hall community
Bounty Hall New Testament Church of God
Boys and Girls' Champs
Boys School
breadnut hill primary
Break the Silence
Britney Forbes
Britney Huie
Brittany Singh Williams
Bronx Community College
Brown’s Hall Primary
Buff Bay High School
building partnership for prosperity
Bureau of Gender Affairs’ Policy and Research Director
Business Process Outsourcing
Bustamante Hospital for Children
Cabinet Office
Caenwood Centre
Calabar High School
Calabar Infant
Calabar Old Boys’ Association
Camperdown High
Campion College
cancer prevention
CAP Graduates
CAPE Units 1 & 2
cardiff hotel & spa
Cardinal Warde
Career Advancement Programme
Career Advancement Programme (CAP)
Career in Car Designs
Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination
Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE)
Caribbean Centre of Excellence in Mathematics Teaching
Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states
Caribbean Development Bank
Caribbean Energy Information Systems
Caribbean Examinations Council
Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC
caribbean integration
Caribbean intellectual tradition
caribbean maritime institute
Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI)
Caribbean Maritime Institute Act
Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) Bill 2017
Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate
Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC)
Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Examination
Caribbean Secondary Education Certification (CSEC) examinations
Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate
Caribbean Vocational Qualification(CVQ)
Caribbean Wellness Day
Caribbean Youth Science Forum
Caribbean Youth Science Forum Competition
CARICOM Secretariat
Cascade Primary School
Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies
cave hills students visit jamaica
CB Group
CC old boys’ association
CDA Cares initiative
cecelio avenue
Cedar Grove Academy
Celebrates 160th
centenary memorial
centre of excellence
Centre of Excellence Project
Centre of Occupational Studies
Centres of Excellence school leadership programme
CEO at Jamalco
CEO of Portland Holdings
Chairman of the JDIC
Chairman of the Technical Working Committee
chairman of the Wolmer’s Trust
Chairman’s Forum
Charity Fund
Chetolah Park Primary
Chevano Baker
Chevonnese Chevers Whyte
Chief Education Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Inspector
Chief Inspector's Baseline Report
Chief Inspector's Report
Chief Technology Officer-JPS
child abuse
child abuse reports
child development agency
Child Development Agency (CDA)
child month
Child Protection and Family Services Agency
Child's month
child's month
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
childhood cancers
children should enjoy childhood
Children with Disabilities
children with special needs
Chinese Students
Chitra Rajeshwari
Choose Life International
Christall Ziva-Niara Byfield
Christelle Harris Charity Fund
Christiana Moravian Primary
Christiana Moravian Primary and Infant School
Christine Rodriguez
Christmas in Spanish
Church Teachers’ College
Citizen Security and Justice Programme
City & Guilds Institute
City and Guilds
City University of New York
Civics for Young Jamaicans
civics in schools
Civil Society
Cleveland Sam
closed-circuit television (CCTV) system
Clyde Evans
CMI's Executive Director
CMI’s Executive Director
Coastal Ecology and Environmental Management
coleridge minto
College of Agriculture
College of Arts
Colombian Ambassador
Commissioner of Police
Committee for Tertiary Education
Commonwealth Awards
Communication Task
Communications and Philanthropy
Community Access Point (CAP) centre
Community Case Management Officer
community policing
Community Safety and Security branch
Competency Based Education and Training
Competency-based Transition Policy
Computer Science
CONFINTEA VI Sub-Regional Follow-up Meeting
Corinaldi Avenue Primary School
Corporal Pinnock
Corporate Affairs Manager
Corporate Area
Corporate Finance Committee
Corporate Vice President and General Manager
Courtleigh Hotel
Courtyard Hotel by Marriott
Cran WATA School Spirit Competition
Cross Roads
CSJP memorabilia
CSJP scholarship
CSME public education programme
Cuba Medical Scholarships
Cuba’s Ambassador to Jamaica
Cuba-Jamaica Cooperation Programme
Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica
Culture and Governance
Curriculum Implementation Team
curriculum in schools
curriculum pilot
Curtis Deenah
Cutie King
CXC Learning Hub
CXC Registrar Glenroy Cumberbatch
cybersecurity public-education
CYSF Competition 2016
daCosta Cup 2016
Dale Rankine’s PhD thesis
David Bennett
deaf students
Dean of Discipline
deans of discipline
Debbie Parson- Morris
DeCarteret College
Deenie-Sa Bernard
Delroy Gordon
denbigh high students
Denbigh Show Ground
Department of School Services
deposit insurance scheme
Deputy Chief Inspector
Deputy Director General
Deputy Executive Director and Director of Education Services
Designing Racing Cars
Desmond Hutchinson
Development and Behaviour
Development Bank of Jamaica
diagnostic test
Diahann Gordon Harrison
Digicel Foundation
Digital Media
Digital Youth Employment Initiative
Director General
Director of CAP
Director of Channel Sales
Director of Education Programme
Director of Field Services
Director of Safety and Security in Schools
Director of the Mount Olivet Boys’ Home
disbursement of funds
Discovery Bay
Discovery Bay All-Age schools
Dominic James
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic Ambassador to Jamaica
Donovan Stanberry
down syndrome
Downtown Kingston
Dr Ahmed Reid
Dr Christopher Tufton
dr fritz pinnock
Dr Grace McLean
Dr Lincoln Edwards
Dr Renee Rattray
Dr Wykeham McNeil
Dr. Aisha Spencer
Dr. Carl Williams
Dr. Cecil Cornwall
Dr. Charles Freeman
Dr. Cheryl McLaughlin
Dr. Frank Klassen
Dr. Fritz Pinnock
Dr. Grace McLean
Dr. Grace-Camille Munroe
Dr. Hugh Cross
Dr. Joyce Graham-Royal
Dr. Katherine Ellins
Dr. Keith Amiel
Dr. Maureen Nelson
Dr. Maurice Smith
Dr. Michelle Pinnock
Dr. Pauline Mullings
Dr. Rebecca Tortello Greenland
Dr. Renée Rattray
Dr. Ronald Blake
Dr. Sharon McLean-Salmon
Dr. Tamika Benjamin
Dr. the Hon. Andrew Wheatley
Dr. Wayne Wesley
Early Childhood Commission
Early Childhood Commission’s (ECC)
Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programme
early childhood education
early childhood institutions
early childhood institutions (ECIs) Jamaica
Early Childhood Stimulation Programme
early childhood teachers
early detection
early intervention programme
Early Stimulation Programme
early-childhood education
early-childhood revitalisation programme
early-childhood sector
earns associate of science degree
Earthquake Unit and Geoscientist and Fulbright Core Scholar
East Central St. James
East Central St. James Education Trust
East Street Junior Centres
Eastern Championship
eaward Primary and Junior High
ECC's Leadership Retreat
econdary schools
Eden Gardens Wellness Resort and Spa
Edith Dalton James High School
Educate Jamaica
Educate Jamaica launch
education and health emphasis
education and technology
Education Code
education compulsory
education curriculum
education for all
education funds
education grants
Education Health Ministries Partner
education in Jamaica
education innovation
education Jamaica
Education Minister
Education Minister Ruel Reid
Education Minister Senator Ruel Reid
Education Ministry
Education Programmes
education sector
Education system
Education System Transformation
Education System Transformation Programme
EduCom Co-operative Credit Union Limited
effective leadership
Effective Leadership in Schools
eight Jamaicans
Eight young Jamaicans
electrical installation
elevision Jamaica School's Challenge Quiz
eliminate gender-based violence
Embassy of Jamaica
Embassy of Spain
Embassy of the United States of America
Emergency Medical Technicians
Emmanuel Sylvester
employment opportunities
Empowering Leadership
Energy and Technology
energy awareness and education programme
Energy for Young Minds
English Language
Enhancing Outcomes for Trainers of Adult Learners’ Project
Enos Nuttall
Enterprise Licence Agreement
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
Entertainment and Sport
Entertainment and Sport Minister
entrepreneurial grants
environmental ambassadors
Environmental Performance Index
Environmental Sciences Division
Errol Holmes
esearcher Josh Geller
Essay Writing Competition
Ethics Conference
Ethiopian Prince pledges to support Haile Selassie
Eunice McKenzie- Principal
European Union
Everton Hannam
Ewarton High School
Excellence in Science Experiential Education
Executive Director
Executive Director and Director of Education Services
Executive Director Nigel Pennycooke
Executive Director of the 4-H Clubs
exposing CARICOM nationals
Extended Education
Facey Commodity Company
Faculty of Science and Sport
FAO AquaCrop Model
Fashion Designing
Ferncourt High
FESTO Didactic Centre
financial accountability
financial aid
financial commitments honoured
financial management
financial management system
first female vice-chancellor
First Regional Co-operative Credit Union
Flaneil Plummer
Food and Nutrition
Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister
Foreign Languages
former principals and vice principal
Foster Care Services programme
Foster Child
foster parents
Foundation’s Lessons in English
Founder’s Day
Four Campbell’s Academy
Four Seasons Hotel
free emergency response training
full secondary education
funding education
future environmental stewards
G.C. Foster
G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sport
Gail Dunwell
Gaps in Training Needs
Garfield Ewart
Gary “Butch” Hendrickson
Gary Barrow
General Manager of the IDB
General Programme of Literacy and Numeracy
geographical information systems (GIS)
German company FESTO Didactic
get involved
girl guides association
Glen Bromfield/JCSA Scholarship
Glendevon Primary and Junior High
Glendon Harris
Glendon Johnson
Glenmuir High
Global Goals for Sustainable Development
Global Libraries ICT Project
Global Libraries Initiative
global processor manufacturer AMD
Gloria Jack
Glowell Prepartory
Godfrey Stewart
Godfrey Stewart High
Godfrey Stewart High School
Golden Torch Award ceremony
Government of Jamaica
Government of Japan
Government of Japan’s Grant Assistance
Government’s tuition policy
Governor General
Governor-General of Jamaica
Grade 4 Literacy Test
Grade Four Literacy
Grade Four Literacy Test
Grade Four Numeracy
Grade Four Numeracy Test
Grade Nine Achievement Test
Grade Nine Diagnostic Test
Grade Six Achievement Test
Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT)
graduate of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts
graduation ceremony
Grants Pen
Grassroots Human Security Project
Greater Portmore
Greenwich All-Age
Greig Smith
Grooming Standards
Growing Better Schools
GSAT 2018
GSAT awards
GSAT Results
GSAT Results 2018
GSAT Success
guidelines for donations to schools
Guild of Students
Guild Presidents
Haile Selassie High School
Half-Way Tree Transport Centre
Hampton School
handmade headbands
Hanover and St. James
Happy Grove High School
happy teachers' day
hard of hearing students
Head Girl of Irwin High School
health and safety initiative
Health and Safety Manager
Health Promoting School (HPS) initiative
Healthy Children Build a Stronger Nation
Heart Trust NTA
Her Excellency Audrey Marks
Her Excellency the Most Hon. Lady Allen
Hibernia Early Childhood Institution
Hibiscus Lodge Hotel
High School Diploma Equivalency
high schools
Higher Education Summit
Higher Education System for Jamaica
high-school leavers
high-school levels
Hillary Foster
Hilton Resort and Spa
hires 52 students
His Excellency Bernardo Guanche Hernandez
His Excellency Bernardo Hernandez
His Excellency Dr. José Tomás
His Excellency Roberto Garcia Marquez
His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen
His Worship Glendon Harris
holy trinity high school
Home Economics
Homecoming Week
Hon Olivia Grange
Hon. Audley Shaw
Hon. Dr. Andrew Wheatley
Hon. Edmund Bartlett
Hon. Fayval Williams
Hon. Floyd Green
Hon. J.C. Hutchinson
Hon. Kamina Johnson Smith
Hon. Michael Henry
Hon. Senator Ruel Reid
Hon. Shahine Robinson
Honorary doctor of laws
Honourable Floyd Green
Hope Fellowship Church
hopes to become a doctor
hospitality and renewable energy technology
Houses of Parliament
Howard Atkins
Human Resources Director
human trafficking
human trafficking in school curriculum
HYPE School Tour
Ibelieve initiative
IberoStar Resort
ICET President
Ikem Smith
iLead educational leadership programme
Immaculate Conception High
Immaculate Conception High School
improve performance in Math
improve teaching and learning outcomes
Improvement in Literacy
Improvement in Numeracy
Improving Innovation Capacities in the Caribbean (INVOCAB)
Inclusive Education
industrial automation
Information and Communication Technology
information and communications technology
Information Technology
infrastructural development projects
infrastructure development support
Ingrid Card
In-house spelling bee competition
in-service training
Inspection Report
Inspire Project
Institute for Lifelong Learning Conference
Institute of International Recognised Qualifications (IIRQ)
Institute of Jamaica
Integrated Science
Integrated Strategic Framework
Inter-American Development Bank
Interim Chief Executive Officer
Interim Principal
Inter-Ministerial Taskforce
International Conference on Adult Education
International Council on Education for Teaching
International Donor Consultant for the Jamaican Diaspora in the US
International Education/TVET Conference
International Literacy Day
International Maritime Organization
International Scholar Laureate Program
Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association
Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA)
intervention programme
introducing wrestling
invest in education
Investing in Teenage Girls: Engaging Men and Boys
Ipomoea batatas
Iris Gelly Primary
Irwine Clare
ISAA/FLOW Manning Cup
ISSA/FLOW daCosta Cup football competition
Issues and Answers
Ivorine Pauline Pitters
JA Biz Town
JA Govt: Protecting the rights of children
Jamaia National
Jamaica 2016 workshop
Jamaica 4-H Club
Jamaica 4-H Clubs
Jamaica Association of French Teachers
Jamaica Association on Intellectual Disabilities
Jamaica Bankers Association
jamaica cancer society
Jamaica Civil Service Association
Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control
Jamaica College
Jamaica College Parent-Teacher Association’s (PTA)
Jamaica Conference Centre
Jamaica Constabulary Force
Jamaica Constabulary Force’s
Jamaica Cultural Development Commission
Jamaica Deposit Insurance Corporation
Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board member
Jamaica Diaspora-United States
Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning
Jamaica House
Jamaica Information Service
Jamaica Institute of Management
Jamaica Library Service
Jamaica Moves
Jamaica National
Jamaica National Building Society
Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Foundatio
Jamaica National Foundation
Jamaica National Foundation Legacy Scholarship
Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT)
Jamaica Observer’s GSAT Workbooks
Jamaica Pegasus
Jamaica Pegasus Hotel
Jamaica Promotions Corporation
Jamaica Social Investment Fund
Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF
Jamaica study-tour
Jamaica Teachers' Association
Jamaica Teachers’ Association
Jamaica Teaching Council
Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC)
Jamaica Values and Attitude Programme
Jamaica Values and Attitudes Programme
Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States
Jamaica’s National Cyber Security Strategy
Jamaica’s Vision 2030
Jamaican Association on Intellectual Disabilities
Jamaican diaspora
Jamaican Education System
Jamaican Educational Seismic Network
Jamaican Foundation for Life Long Learning
Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning
Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning’s (JFLL)
Jamaican students
Jamaican Sweet Potato
Jamilia Crooks
janitorial grant allocation
January to March 2016
Jase-Omelio West
JCDC’s Culture Club
JCF/School Resource Officers
Jeanette Grant-Woodham Education Foundation
Jessica Simms
JIS ‘Think Tank’
JIS ‘Think Tank’- April 19
JIS News
JIS Think Tank
JIS' Issues and Answers
JIS’s annual back-to-school visit
JLS Increasing Awareness of Public Libraries
JN Foundation
JN Foundation’s iLead educational leadership programme
JN iLead Programme
Joan Pinnock
job readiness
Jodane Stewart
John Jackson
John Rollins Success Primary School
Joint Committee for Tertiary Education (JCTE)
Joint Committee on Tertiary Education (JCTE)
Jordan Parke
Joseph Assignment Global Initiative
Joseph Williams
Joshua Kelly
JPS and Partners Co-operative Credit Union Limited
June 2017
June 21
June 22
June 23
Junior Achievement Company of Entrepreneurs
junior math olympiad
Junior Stock Exchange
Kamile Madden-Lee
Karl Williams
Kelia-Gaye Dunbar
Kendal Camp
Kendal Camp and Conference Centre
Kenesha Campbell
Khandé-Jae Fisher
King’s House
Kingston High School
KingstOOn festival
Kiwanis Club
Kiwanis Club of New Kingston
knowledge process outsourcing
Knox College
Knox Community College
Knutsford Court Hotel
Labour and Social Security Minister
labour day project
labour market
Labour Market Forum
labour market reform
Lady Allen
Language Arts
LASCO Brand Manager
LASCO Police of the Year
late Minister of Agriculture- Roger Clarke
Latin America
Latin American territories
leadership and management
leadership development
leadership in improving school performance
Leadership of Mathematics Programme
leadership programmes
learning through gamification
Leesan Salmon
Legacy Scholarships
Leighton Johnson
letter to JA Prime Minister
lifelong learning
Lister Mair/Gilby High School for the Deaf
literacy in Jamaica
Little Bee Competition
Little Leaders
Little Leaders learning kits
Little Leaders programme
Living In Family Environment (L.I.F.E) programme
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Looks Forward to High School
Loss of Knowledge
Maia Chung
Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation
maintenance grants
management information system
management institute for national development
Manager for Human Resource Development
Manager of Corporate Brand
Manager of the Student Assessment Unit
Manchester High alum
Manchester High School
Mandeville Primary
Manning Cup 2016
Manning’s Boys’ Home
Marcia Flynn
Marcia Lewis-Brown
Marcus Garvey
marginalized and vulnerable youth
maritime sector
Mark Smith
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
math coaches
Math Consortium
math counts
math fair
math intervention
math project for parents
Math teacher
Mathematics and English Language
Mathematics and Science teachers
mathematics pilot project
Mathematics Teacher of the Year
Mathematics Teacher of the Year 2016
Maureen Samms-Vaughan
Maxfield Park
Maxfield Park Children’s Home
Maxfield Park Primary
May 20
May Day
May is Child's Month
Mayer Matalon
Mayer Matalon Dormitory
Mayor of Montego Bay
Mechanical Engineering
Medal of Appreciation for Service to Education
media briefing
medical scholarships
Meet Prime Minister of JA
Member of Parliament
Member of Parliament for East Central St. James
Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Eastern
Memorandum of Understanding
mentorship programme
Message from the Minister of Education
metal detectors
Michael Abplanalp
Michael Johnson
Michael Lee-Chin
Michaelia Nesbeth
Mico University College
Mico's 180th
Mile Gully
Milton Samuda
Minister- Education Youth and Information
Minister of Education
Minister of Education Youth and Information
Minister of Finance and the Public Service
Minister of Health
Minister of Science
Minister of State
Minister of State for Education
Minister of State in the Ministry of Education
Minister of Tourism
Minister of Transport and Mining
Ministry Consultations
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education Youth and Information
Ministry of Education Youth Information
Ministry of Education-Jamaica
Ministry of Energy Science and Technology
Ministry of Finance and the Public Service
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Industry
Ministry of Justice Sensitisation Seminar
Ministry of Labour and social security
Ministry of Local Government and Community Development
Ministry of National Security
Ministry of Science
Ministry’s Heroes Circle
Ministry’s Heroes Circle offices
Ministry’s rationalisation strategy
Ministry’s Sanitation Project
Ministry’s School Feeding Programme
Minx Supply Co
Missing Persons Monitoring Uni
Mission to motivate
MIT Professor
MOEYI- Region 5
MOEYI State Minister
Mona Office of Graduate Studies and Research
Monique Grant-Facey
Montego Bay
Montego Bay Community College
Montego Bay Convention Centre
Montego Bay Learning Centre
Monumental Partners and World Brands Services
More support needed for PATH
Most Hon. Andrew Holness
Most Outstanding Thesis Award
Mount Alvernia High School
Mount Salem
Mount St. Joseph Catholic High School
MP Juliet Holness
Mr. Grantley Stephenson
Mrs. Bronty Liverpool Williams
Mrs. Julia Smiley Green
Mrs. Maureen Dwyer
Ms. Hillary Alexander
MSc in Business
Munro College
Munro College Old Boy's Association
Muschett Comprehensive High School
music inspires behaviour change
Mutual Building Societies Foundation
Nadeen Fisher
nanda Alert Secretariat
National Achievement Expo
National Apprenticeship Board
National Apprenticeship Programme
national apprenticeship system
National Association of Spanish Teachers
National Baking Company Foundation
National Basic School
National Boys’ Forum
National Child Month Committee
national child's moth committee
national children's day
national college for educational leadership
National Commercial Bank
National Commercial Bank Foundation
National Development Plan
National Education Inspectorate
National Education Trust
National Family Planning Board-Sexual Health Agency
National Financial Inclusion Strategy 2016-2020
National Gallery of Jamaica
National Hero
National Identification System Policy
National Institute of Higher Education
National Institutes of Health Diabetic and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
National Insurance Fund
National Insurance Scheme Act and Regulations
National Labour Day Project
national math programme
National Mathematics Coordinator
National Parenting Support Commission
National Parent-Teacher Association
National Parent-Teacher Association of Jamaica
National Policy for Gender Equality
National School Feeding Policy
national science and technology fair 2016
National Science Fair
National Standard Curriculum
national standards curriculum
National Standards Curriculum (NSC)
National Task Force Against Trafficking in Persons
National Values and Attitudes Committee
National Values and Attitudes Programme
National Vocational Qualification of Jamaica
National Vocational Qualification of Jamaica (NVQ-J)
National Youth Service
NCB Foundation Scholarship
NCBF Scholarship Revealing Ceremony
NCMC’s 2016 Youth Academic Achievement Award
NEI Report
Neil Graham
NEI-UJAA Conference
new academic year
new appointment
New Comers Track Meet
New Employment Opportunities for Youth in Jamaica
new fee policy
New Kingston
New Parish Library
New President
New Principal
new sanitary facilities
New York University
Nicollette Bailey
ninth grade curriculum
Nita’s Kids Foundation
niversity of Technology
no auxiliary fees
no tuition policy
non-traditional high school students awarded
Noranda Bauxite Partner
Northern Caribbean University
Nottingham Trent University
November 2016
NSC Methodology
nstitute of Logistics and Transport
Numeracy and Survival (LENS)
nutrition in schools
Nuttall Memorial Hospital
NYS Summer internship
Oberlin High School graduate
Observance of World Teachers' Day 2016
Ocho Rios
Ocho Rios Primary
Ocho Rios Primary School
OCR Public Relations Officer
October 13
October 9-15
office of the children's registry
Office of the Children's Registry
Office of the Children’s Advocate
Office of the Children’s Registry
Office of the Prime Minister
official launch of 2016/17 year
Old Harbour Bay Primary
Old Harbour Bay Primary School
Old Hope Road institution
Olympic Gardens Civic Centre
Olympic Way
Omade gets computer from the MHPM
Oneal Fearon
Oneal McLeod
online application portal
online learning site
online recruitment services
open source software
Operation Turnaround
opportunities for conducting businesses
opportunities for travel
opportunities for work
Opposition Spokesman on Education
Organization of American States
ormer education officer and founding principal
Oswald Dixon
our children jamaica
our national assets
outh Upliftment Through Employment
Outstanding and Nationalistic (ICON) Scholarship
overcoming financial obstacles
Oxford University
PAAC chairman
Paediatric Haematologist/Oncologist
Palmyra Foundation
Parent Math Club
Parent Places
parents’ consultation
Parent-Teacher Association
Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
partnership for education
passionate about education
past students of schools
Patricia Castriota
Patrick Newman
Patrick Prendergast
Paul Ashley
Paul Brunson
Pembroke Hall High
People of African Descent
People’s Choice award of US$25
People’s Republic of China
Performance in Mathematics
Permanent Secretary
Permanent Secretary MOEYI
Perth Town
Petersfield Computer Lab Upgraded
Petersfield High School
PetroCaribe Development Fund
PetroCaribe Fund
Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica
Philip Mensah
Physical Education
Physics Teacher
pilot programme
pioneer in education
Planning Institute of Jamaica
Plymouth University
PM Holness
PM Youth Award
Police Consultative Community committee
Police Officers’ Club
policy ministry
Port Authority of Jamaica
Positive Behaviour Intervention and Support (PBIS) programme
Positive Behaviour Intervention Support (PBIS) programme
Positive Energy
post-Cabinet press briefing
pratville primary
President and CEO Richard Byles
President of Nita Kids
President of the Jamaica College PTA
President of the Rotary Club of Spanish Town
Primary and Junior High School
Primary and Secondary levels
Primary Exit Profile
Prime Minister
Prime Minister Andrew Holness
Prime Minister of Jamaica
Prime Minister’s
Prime Minister’s Medal of Appreciation
Prime Minister’s Youth Awards for Excellence
Principal Albert Corcho
Principal Anchovy High School
Principal Bellevue Primary and Junior High
Principal Cedric Murray
Principal Director for Field Services
Principal of Frankfield Primary
Principal of the Petersfield High School
Principal of the school
principal Patrick Phillips
Principal Sandra Buchanan
Principal Transforms Frankfield Primary and Infant School
Private Sector
private sector entities
Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica
Private Sector Organization of Jamaica
Professor Colin Giles
Professor Dale Webber
Professor Dr. Leanne Caterlin Geller
Professor Louise Richardson
professor of Africana Studies
Professor of Child Health
Professor Sir Hilary Beckles
Programme for Advancement Through Health and Education
Programme of Advancement through Health and Education
Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH)
Programmes Coordination Division
Project Manager
promoting education excellence
promoting educational excellence
promoting excellence in education
promoting healthy lifestyle
Promoting parental involvement in education
promoting school effectiveness
Proven Management Limited
provision of resources
Prudent Salmon
Public Administration and Appropriations Committee
Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC)
public education campaign
Public Information and Customer Service
public sector workers
public service
public service transformation
QEC 29
Quality Education Specialist
R. Danny Williams
Rachel Clarke
Rammon Green
Randolph Lopez School of Hope
Raphael Young
Raymond Munroe
RCM Development and Community Services Inc
Read Across Jamaica Day 2016
Reading the Past
Reef and Forest Keepers Club
Region 3
Region 4
Regional Director
regional meeting
Registered Apprenticeship Programme
Registrar General’s Department
Registrar of the OCR
registration packages
Releaf Environmental Awareness Programme
remove auxliary fees
Removing Barriers to Higher Education
Renewable energy
report staff shortage
Research in Institution
Retirement Primary and Infant School
Rev. Ronald Thwaites
Reverend Claude Ellis
Reverend Ronald Thwaites
Rhodes Scholars
Richard Lumsden
Right to Know Week
rinidadian agency National Institute of Higher Education
RMP & Associates
Roan Maye
Robert Miller
robotics programme launched
Rock River
Rock River Primary
Rockhouse Foundation
Roehampton Primary
Roger Clarke Scholarship
Roll out
Rosalee Gage-Grey
Rose Hall
Roselee Heron
Rotary Club of Spanish Town
Rudyard Spencer
Ruel Reid Transformational Leadership Scholarship
Runaway Bay
Rural Agricultural Development Authority
Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA)
rural non-traditional high schools
Safe Children Forum
safety and security
Sagicor Chairman
Sagicor Foundation
Sagicor Foundation 2016 Adopt-A-School Programme
Sagicor Group Jamaica
Sagicor Investments Jamaica Limited
Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited
Sam Sharpe Square
Sam Sharpe teachers' College
Sandals Group
Sandals Resorts International
Sandals Whitehouse
Scarlette Gillings
scholarship and financial grants
scholarship awardee
scholarship awardees
scholarship awards
scholarship programme
Scholarships for students in Agriculture
Scholarships for Top GSAT Students
School anniversary
school choir
School Curriculum
school disbursements
School Donors
School Effectiveness
School Feeding Programme
school fees
school funding policy
school garden programme
school gardens
School Governance
School improvement
School Improvement Coach
School inspection
School inspection in Jamaica
School Inspection Report
School of Education
School of Engineering
School of Nursing
school principals
School resource officers
School Safety and Security
school shift system
School Song
School Transformation
School’s Internship Programme
Schools Energy Programme
School-wide Positive Behaviour Intervention Support
Science and Education
Science and Environment camp
Science and Technology
Science and Technology (NIHERST)
science fair 2016
science laboratories
Scientific and Cultural Organisation
Scientific and Cultural Organization
scientific research council
Scott's Hall Primary
Seaward Primary and Junior High
Seaward Primary and Junior High School
Secondary Education
secondary school principals
secondary schools in Jamaica
secondary-level educationsecondary-level education
Security and Ethics Conference
Senator Ruel Reid
Senator the Hon Ruel Reid
Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid
Senior Advisor
Senior Advisor/Consultant
Senior Education Officer
senior labour market analyst
Senior Marketing Officer
September 2016
September 25 to October 1
September 8
September 9
Sergeant Robinson Fray
Service to Education
seven year education policy
Shackoyla Crooks
shaine palmer
Shamarie Joshua Smart
Shamoy Hajare
Shanice Sinclair
Sharon Robinson
Shaunavon deSouza
short-term learning experiences
Simón Bolívar Cultural Centre
simulation-based training facility
single-shift benefits
Sir Hilary Beckles
Sixth Form Science students
sixth-form block
Sligoville All-age School’s 175th anniversary dinner
Social Good Summit
social protection
Social Studies
sound mental in children
South Africa
South West St. Elizabeth
Southern Methodist University in Texas
Spanish Court Hotel
Spanish Jamaica Foundation
Spanish Town
Spanish Town High
Spanish Town Primary
Spanish-Jamaica Foundation
Special Education
Special Education Policy
special education training
special needs
special treatment for children
spelling bee champ
spirit of volunteerism
sports safeguards
Spruce Up Jamaica
St Andrew
St Elizabeth Technical High School
St Elizabeth-based Hampton School
St James
St Thomas
St. Andrew
St. Andrew High School for Girls
St. Andrew Prep School
St. Andrew Primary
St. Andrew West Central constituency
st. ann
St. Ann Parish Council
St. Ann Teacher
St. Ann’s Bay Infant School
St. Catherine
St. Elizabeth
St. George’s College Manning Cup Captain
St. Hugh’s High School
St. James
St. James Police
St. John Bosco Career Advancement Institute
St. Jude’s Primary School
St. Lucia team visits Jamaica
St. Richard’s Primary School
St. Thomas
Stakeholder consultations
State Minister Floyd Green
State Minister for Education
state minister for youth
State Minister in the Education
State Minister in the Ministry of Education
State of Emergency
State University of New York
Statement on tuition funding
Statistical Institute of Jamaica
STEM-based learning
Sterling Asset Management
stimulation for children
stock exchange
stock market
Stock Market Game
Stop Procuring Uniforms
Student Assessment
student curfews
Student Development and Support
Student Programme for Innovation in Science and Engineering
Student safety
Students to Sit Technical Subject
students with special needs
study in Cuba
study tour
Sub-Regional Follow-up Caribbean Meeting
successful students
Sugar Transformation Unit
suicide awareness
summer brain drain
summer employment programme
Summer Extravaganza
Summer Jobs
Summer learning programmes
summer medical research programme
Sunrise Early Childhood Development Centre
SUNY Chairman
SUNY Chairman H Carl McCall
SUNY UWI Center for Leadership and Sustainable Development
supply chain management
Susan Simms
sustainable development
Tablet in Schools Project
Tablets in Schools
Tarrant Primary School
TEACH Caribbean
teachers hailed
teachers' day 2016
Teachers' Day 2016
teachers' day message
Team Guardana
Team Jamaica Bickle
Team Leader for CEIS
Technical and Vocational Education and Training
technical and vocational qualification
technical drawing
Technical Vocational Education and Training
technology boost
Ten children
ten scholarships
Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel
Terra Nova Hotel All-Suite Hotel
Terry-Ann Thomas Gayle
tertiary education
tertiary scholarship awards
textbooks for 2016/17 academic year
The Fundamentals of Animation and Game Design
the Hon. Floyd Green
The Jamaica Pegasus
The Jamaica Pegasus hotel
The Knutsford Court Hotel
The Mico University College
The Most Hon Andrew Holness
the Most Hon. Andrew Holness
the Most. Hon. Andrew Holness
Therese Turner-Jones
throne speech 2016
Tiandra Lewis
Titchfield High School
Tivoli Gardens High School
top awardee
Top GSAT student
Top students get jobs
Tops NCB Internship
Touchdown Project
Tourism Enhancement Fund
Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF)
Tourism Minister
Tourism Product Development Company
tourism summer internship programme
Toyota Jamaica Showroom
trafficking in persons curriculum
trained in school safety and security techniques
training and certification
Training in Special Education Needed
Training Programmes
transformation through education
Transportation and Logistics
tuition policy guidelines
TVET in primary schools
two retired teachers awarded
UN Human Rights Council
Undergraduate Coordinator and Deputy Dean
UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goal 4
Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations
United Kingdom
United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030
United Nations Children’s Fund
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Educational
United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
United Nations Human Rights Council
United Nations Population Fund
United States Agency for International Development
United States-based institution
universal access
Universal Service Fund
University and College Leadership Training Programme
University at the West Indies
University Council of Jamaica
university education
University of Birmingham
University of Bologna
University of Oxford
University of Technology
University of Technology (UTech)
University of the West Indies
University of the West Indies (UWI)-trained
upcoming 2016/17 academic school year
Urban and Regional Planning
UWI Mona
UWI Regional Headquarters
Vale Royal
Value of Public Libraries
Values and Attitude programme
Veronica Robinson-Malcolm
Vice Chancellor
Vice President of Group Human Resources
Vice-President Group marketing
Victoria Mutual Building Society
Vilma Smith
Vision 2030
visual and performing arts
vocational education
Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme
Vocational Training Development Institute
vocational training opportunites
voluntary emergency response unit
Wards of the State
Wayne Thompson
week long lectures
Wembley Centre of Excellence
West Indies Alumina Company
West Jamaica Seventh-day Adventist
West Jamaica Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Conference Centre
West Jamaica Seventh-day Adventist Conference Centr
West Kinsgton
Western Carolina University
western Jamaica schools
Winner of St. Ann Police Debate
Winston Bowen
Winston Simpson
Wolmer’s Boys’ School
Workforce Being Identified
World Business Model Competition
World Health Organisation
World Health Organization
World Maritime University
World Plumbing Council
World Plumbing Day International Poster
World Population Day
World Population Day exposition